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How does it work?


Opening our ears


Our Spaceman wants to understand more from you on the spaces, lifestyle, habits, design inspiration, timeline and the allocated budget as well. So our Spaceman would do their best to propose towards that or even lower than expected.

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Have some caffeine boost


After listening to all your needs, our Spaceman will digest all the information and start the design research, spatial planning, suitable materials and doodling

before coming to the schematic works.

It will normally take about 1-2 weeks times on this process depending on the workload and we hope to seek your kind understanding while we visioning your dream home.


Squeezing our brain juice

Our priority is helping our customer to save more or at least not overly spend on the unnecessary cost for a quality design proposal. Our Spaceman will work out the best costing based on our resources and solutions. We just want you to know that a well-designed bespoke home can be affordable too and need not require to pay at the high premium.

Let us do the dirty work

With all the quotation and conceptual works were done, its time to have a final discussion and materials selection together. Please be prepared to spare us a 2-3 hours time in this process. It like a design workshop experience as we explained the materials in specification and colour matching. It like a masterclass for designing! Next, we could follow up with a final site visit with our artisans to at least understand the site conditions. Let the professional make the advice.


Job site "James Bond"

Our Spaceman will be progressively overseeing the sites for solving construction details, delivering works on time with the schedule, progress reporting. We will work end to end to make sure it will complete as promised.

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Expecting a home like a showroom you been too?

When comparing a showroom and your house? why it seems lacking of something? Perhaps is the right furnishing and decorations? These are the elements that enhanced the entire looks of it and will lift the depth of interior design. We do also providing furniture design at a competitive price as you buying loose and also we do styling for houses after renovated or even commercial needs too.

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